Get to know me: My top 10 Albums of 2018

We’re nearly 3 months into 2019 already and what better way to break the ice than listing off the top 10 albums I enjoyed most in 2018.

  1. IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance

If you haven’t heard of IDLES yet you’re missing out. Toted as one of the most important bands of our time for their socially charged lyrics, aggressive delivery and incredible live performances. The follow up to their debut album “Brutalism”, another must listen, improves on what was already great groundwork for a perfect punk album. Stand out tracks: Colossus, Great, Never Fight a Man with a Perm.

2. SHAME – Songs of Praise

2018 was the year of the Punk with Shame taking 2nd from the top spot on our list. Sonically similar to IDLES effort with the same aggression and great lyricism. It’s a great blend of indie rock (One Rizla) and punk ballads such as Concrete. Coupling together their amazing debut album and their energetic live performances makes for something truly special. Key Tracks: One Rizla, Concrete, Dust on Trial

3. MGMT – Little Dark Age

MGMT made a triumphant return to form last year with the goth pop masterpiece Little Dark Age. There is no denying the band failed to live up to the expectations of their first album Oracular Spectacular with their 2 follow up albums. However, it seems 3 times really is the charm with this incredible outing. Key Tracks: Little Dark Age, Me & Michael, When You Die

4. THE 1975 – A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships

The 1975. You either love them or you hate them. But we cannot deny that their 3rd album was one of our favourites from last year. It cannot be denied how incredible this album is thematically. No one blends pop and rock quite like Matty and the boys. Key Tracks: Love It if We Made It, Sincerity is Scary, I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

5. ARCTIC MONKEYS – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The Sheffield boys long-awaited 6th studio album failed to live up to expectations for many. Possibly being the most divisive album of 2018. However, I am very much on the loved it side. Alex’s lyrics are wittier and more metaphorical than ever and I can’t deny I love the piano lead instrumentation of it all. I enjoy lounge music and this is a great lounge album, being a big fan of Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy”. Key Tracks: Star Treatment, Four Out of Five, Science Fiction

6. KALI UCHIS – Isolation

The Columbian queen of pop. Easily the best pop album from last year and a crying shame it wasn’t nominated for any awards at the Brits and Grammys. Soulful, excellently produced with some great collaborations from Tyler, The Creator to Jorja Smith and Damon Albarn. Key Tracks: After the Storm, In my Dreams, Flight 22


Denzel Curry created the meme super hit Ultimate. He has now gone onto create the best hip-hop album of 2018. Interesting musically with great instrumentation akin to that of Kendrick Lamar’s TPAB. Denzel’s aggressive, hardcore rap style remains in tact while experimenting musically and thematically. Key Tracks: Clout Cobain, Black Balloons

8. KIDS SEE GHOSTS – Kids See Ghosts

Kanye was on fire last year producing 2 excellent albums and releasing one of his best solo records since MBDTF. This album sounds fire and is. Very nearly the best hip hop album from 2018 if Denzel didn’t snatch the crown. A shame that the record only clocks in at 23 Minutes, but perhaps it’s all the better for it, making it more focused and not feel bloated like The Life of Pablo. Kid Cudi is excellent too on this in his own right, with “Cudi Montage” being a stand out track. This is an excellent psychedelic hip hop album with cuts like “Reborn” “4th Dimension” and “Freeeee”.

9. PUSHA T – Daytona

2018 was a great year for hip hop, this album is nothing short of brilliant and that’s partly due to Kanye West’s incredible production. Pusha’s lyrics and flow are great too, this is definitely his best album to date. Key tracks: Santeria, The Games We Play

10. JACK WHITE – Boarding House Reach

Jack White made comeback in 2018 with his rock driven, experimental fused beast of an album. Catchy hooks, impressive riffs, taking rock in the right direction. I am extremely excited for his return with The Raconteurs later this year. Key Tracks: Over and Over and Over, Connected by Love


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