The Japanese House – “Good At Falling” Review

The debut album from the Dirty Hit signed indie pop star Amber Bain

The Japanese House arrive with her long-awaited debut album today, coming off the back of a steady stream of excellent EPs and singles. Following that momentum Amber has been building for herself since the first EP “Pools to bathe in” released way back in 2015. It’s a cracking first outing for the solo artist from Buckinghamshire. Read the full review below:

Building off of the hype created from earlier in her discography Bain has managed to create something truly special here. Opening with “we went to meet her”, the intro track to this powerful indie pop album. This relatively short intro piece gives listeners a taste to the glorious sound of The Japanese House, the track is in a similar vein to that of The 1975’s intro song. After that we head into one of the singles released prior to the album titled “Maybe you’re the reason” a powerful pop ballad with a massive chorus.

In fact the album is full of powerful moments. With the powerful track “Follow my girl” another single released prior to the album. The track features great instrumentation and has a great, memorable soundbite in the chorus “Nothing feels good, it’s not right” that fans are surely to be singing along to at their live shows. The album truly digs deep into Bain’s personal struggles laying them out for all listeners to hear.

Other stand out tracks on the album are “i saw you in a dream”, “Worms and “Lilo” a single released prior to the album and arguably the best track on the album.

Bain has managed to find success where other artists similar to her have struggled, that is to create a debut that matches the excellence of prior EPs. She has outdone herself with this incredible debut album, that is a must listen for any fan of the Dirty Hit repertoire.

RATING: 8/10

You can listen here:

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