Weezer – “Black Album” Review

Weezer have struggled to find their place recently in the modern music scene. A great band with a truly inconsistent discography, ranging from great albums such as their iconic debut to real stinkers like “Raditude”. They also recently surprised fans with the out of the blue “Teal” covers album. So where does this new self titled “black album” fit into the ranking of their discography. Find out in the full review below:

The band have kept up with their pop rock sound in this latest release with the fairly interesting opening track “Can’t Knock the Hustle”. It’s a fairly standard Weezer affair now, however, this doesn’t make it a bad track. It’s got some interesting grooves and fairly glitzy production, but, some of the background and ambience effects are fairly grating. Following up with “Zombie Bastards” opening with the humorous line “Die, die, you zombie bastards”. So its good to see Weezer still have their sense of humour in tact, however, the tracks instrumentation at the start reminds me of an old Bruno Mars song which does not sit favourably for me.

The track “High as a kite” is one of the noticeably better cuts on the record giving off the classic alt-rock vibes we are used to from the band. “Leaving LA” is a fairly glitzy pop/rock track, which reminds me a lot of current Beck, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask. This track is followed by the slow pop/rock ballad “Piece of cake”, which is a fairly serviceable track that slows down the pace of the record at the mid way point. There are some other notable tracks on the record like the albums closer “California Snow”, which is one of the stronger cuts on the record.

Overall, Weezer’s “Black Album” isn’t quite the return to form I had been hoping for, but, what we’ve been given is a fairly serviceable pop/rock album.

RATING: 5/10

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