Ranking Radiohead

Ranking the iconic Oxford bands albums from worst to best

I can’t deny Radiohead are my favourite band of all time. My friends would say I am probably a bit too biased towards them, but of course they are objectively the best band in the world.


Predictably my least favourite album happens to be most peoples least favourite album. Now, personally I don’t think it’s a bad album, in fact, its a pretty decent grunge album. It just lacks the experimentation, musical ability and lyrical complexity that follow in Radiohead’s later discography. “Creeps” good despite what many fans may tell you, it’s a gloomy indie nightclub anthem. “Anyone can play guitar” is good too.


The King of Limbs got a bit too weird and quite frankly some of it is quite dull. However, there are a few excellent cuts on the album though, in particular, “Lotus Flower”, “Codex” and “Bloom”. By far their most experimental work, which says a lot really.


Now we’ve got past the two easy bottom rankings, Radiohead’s discography becomes incredibly difficult to rank for me. I love Hail to the Thief, In fact I think the album features some of their best tracks such as “2+2=5”, “There, There” and the brilliant “Myxomatosis”. However, being 14 tracks long there are some less memorable tracks on here and it does feel a tad bloated, but its still a great album overall.


This one could have been placed below Hail to the Thief to be honest, but, there are tracks on here that are quintessential. Arguably their most depressing album with tracks like “Pyramid Song” a staple at live shows and “You and Whose army”. Despite all the doom and gloom its a breathtaking album, arguably the best doom and gloom album out there.


This album saw Radiohead break from the ‘one hit wonder’ mould of “creep” and step away from their grunge roots. Here they managed to cement themselves as one of the greats producing one of the best alternative rock albums of the 90s. Featuring bangers like “Just” and the slower rock ballads “Fake Plastic Trees” and “High and Dry”.


Their most recent release was a bit of a return to form after “The King of Limbs”. Keeping up with the experimental nature we all know and love them for, they produced some of their best tracks to date on this album. An essential album for any Radiohead fan. Key tracks are “Burn the Witch” a slow building orchestra’d masterpiece, the great “Daydreaming” and “Identikit”


The quintessential rock album from the 90s. Their 3rd album saw Radiohead go more experimental and oh did it pay off. This album proved there was no stopping Radiohead. A truly monumental achievement in record producing featuring the ever excellent “Paranoid Android”, blinding opening track “Airbag” and one of my favourite songs of all time the lullaby-esque “No Surprises”


Radiohead’s 4th album proved to be their most divisive. Released 3 years after arguably the best Rock album of the 90s, Radiohead came back with a brand new electronic infused sound. Ditching the guitars in most tracks in favour of repetitive dance beats and synths. A truly remarkable piece of work for a band who began life as a rock outfit, blending the genres seamlessly. Key tracks include “Idioteque”, “Everything in its right place” and “The National Anthem”


Ask a Radiohead fan their favourite album and they’ll either say Ok Computer or this (possibly Kid A depending on who you ask (music is subjective)). This self released 2007 album blended the experimental rock of Ok Computer and Electronic infused dance beats of Kid A to produce a masterpiece. Nearly every song on here is worth a listen from the alt rock banger “Bodysnatchers” to dreamy “Weird Fishes”, “Nude” is beautiful and “15 Step” is like the younger, more fully realised brother to “Idioteque”.

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