Are Imagine Dragons really the new Nickelback?

STINK PIECE: Have the pop/rock group really overtaken Nickelback as the most hated band?

A pretty wild claim made the rounds the other week when Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame said that Imagine Dragons have now overtaken Nickelback to be the most hated band in the world. However, these claims were said to have been taken out of context by the man himself. I never thought they’d be a day where someone would step up and take that title away from Nickelback. They’ve held that title for as long as I can remember, the hogs. Whilst, the comment was taken out of context I thought I’d investigate the claim anyway and see if there’s any truth behind it.

Now, I’m no Nickelback fan. Heck, who the hell is? But I’m no Imagine Dragons fan either. In fact I probably dislike them as equally as each other. Therefore, I’m going to try and look at this statement as objectively as possible without my subjective, biassed influence creeping in and making me take a dump all over Imagine Dragons (pre-warning I do a tad). To be fair, there was I time I actually quite enjoyed Imagine Dragons, I remember enjoying their first album quite a bit when it came out way back when. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed anything they’ve released since however.

Before, writing this I decided I would go back and listen to some songs from each of the bands. Surprisingly I could stomach listening to more Nickelback songs than ID, what a time to be alive. The issue I have with Imagine Dragons and I think others do is that ID are super flat, boring and kind of generic. They sort of lack any real depth, its a good example of landfill music i guess? The production on all of their records is like over-produced to the max, with all the instrumentals sounding way to squeaky clean. It really takes away from the organic sound that a rock band should have. It’s almost to a point where it doesn’t sound like they are playing any instruments at all, apart from the big drum. I guess that’s something Nickelback have over ID, is that it sounds like actual, physical instruments are being played. No to mention the song “Thunder” grates on me to the high heavens.

Really though, lets face it both bands aren’t great (apologies if you’re a fan of either). Both bands are incredibly generic and I don’t really need to go over why Nickelback aren’t very good either. I think it would be unfair to say that Imagine Dragons have overtaken Nickelback as the worst band, but when I really think about they could probably co-share the title together. So here’s to another 10 years of Nickelback holding that title, at least they have someone to share it with now though.

I’m just kidding, as much as I dislike Imagine Dragons I don’t think anyone could ever be as hated as Nickelback. Also, Imagine Dragons have a huge fan base so that pretty much throws that claim straight out the window anyway. I should have probably just wrote that in the first place and this would have been a paragraph long, but then I wouldn’t have much else to write about. Also, even if i personally did consider ID to be worse than Nickelback what would that matter and why would you care.

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