Ranking Arctic Monkeys

Ranking the Sheffield boys discography from worst to best

Everyone knows who Arctic Monkeys are by now. One of the biggest and most successful rock band to come out of England in recent years with 6 albums under their belt now and rumoured to be recording No. 7. This will be In a similar vein to my worst to best Radiohead list so check that out too. Also, similarly to Radiohead, these are one of my favourites bands of all time and must reiterate that I’m not biased at all.


Yes AM is my least favourite Arctic Monkeys album, “wow you’re so edgy” you say, and you would be correct. In all seriousness though this is easily their worst record for me, all of their other albums are in a different league for me entirely. As a whole I find the album boring and to be brutally honest a lot of the songs are indistinguishable. Missing Alex’s trademark witty, wry and humorous lyrics essentially selling out so they could be successful in the American market. Who can blame them really? It worked didn’t it. At least TBH&C was better (a controversial opinion).


From this point onward none of AM’s discography is bad for me. In fact I enjoy and love them all pretty much equally for different reasons, but if I had to rank them as I’m doing now this is how it would go. This album saw the band go a bit psychedelic and a bit more pop centric. The album as a whole has very summery vibes with tracks like “Hellcat Spangled Shalala” and “Black Treacle”, and romantic love songs like “She’s Thunderstorms” and “Love is a laserquest”. Most people considered this to be their worst before TBH&C came out.


Just because an album is piano driven it does not automatically make it a bad album. Bands can evolve in any direction they wish and in some case it works and in some it doesn’t. For some the direction they went for AM worked and in my case it didn’t. For some like me TBH&C worked and for others it didn’t. Fair enough. Thats what makes music so great, everyone has a different opinion and everyone enjoys different things. Crazy right? But in regards to this album I really do love it, Alex made a full comeback with his trademark metaphorical lyrics and that’s the real star of the show. Everything else is just noise, whilst Alex tells this wonderfully personal story.


Their debut. It’s iconic with raw sounding production and erratic guitar playing giving it that natural feel. It features some iconic noughties indie bangers from the more obvious “I Bet you look good on the dance floor” and “When the sun goes down” to gems like “Dancin shoes” and “From ritz to rubble”. There isn’t really much to say about this album that hasn’t been said over and over and over and over and over. Simply put its iconic, but not my fave.


In Favourite Worst Nightmare Alex and the gang took everything they did with their debut, ramped up the speed and improved upon Alex’s lyricism. Every track here is a banger from “505” and “Do me a favour”. The album is nearly as iconic as the first and tracks from this album could be heard on pretty much every coming of age TV show in the late 2000’s.


I lied earlier when I said I love all their albums equally. This will forever take the top spot, unless they manage to release something that tops this of course. This album saw AM slow it down a notch from their previous record and Alex’s lyrics sky-rocketed into the stratosphere, being more metaphorical and poetic than ever. It’s a truly gorgeous desert rock album helped in part by the great production work from Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. From the loud marching guitar riffs of “Crying Lightning” to the beautiful slowed down ballad “Cornerstone”. Truly a masterpiece in terms of lyricism and the bands playing sounds tighter than ever. Wicked.

Of course, music is subjective and different people have different tastes. Many would probably place AM at the top of their personal lists and of course thats fair enough, each to their own.

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