Vampire Weekend – “Sunflower” Track Review

Artwork from the upcoming album

Yesterday, New York rockers Vampire Weekend released 2 brand new singles from their forthcoming album “Father of the Bride”. This comes not too long after the band released the first singles “Harmony Hall” and “2021” back at the end of January. I really enjoyed the first 2 singles, “Harmony Hall” in particular, it felt like a classic VW tune with a blissful guitar melody, a groovy piano led chorus with Koenig’s easily recognisable vocals. With “2021” seemingly being a short interlude type song, but its still good none the less!

Now onto the 2 new tracks that were released yesterday. The main track “Sunflower” marks a new sound for the band, featuring the Internet guitarist Steve Lacey who adds a nice groovy feel to the track. The track has a very classic 70s rock vibe and that is helped in part by Lacey’s feature. The tune features these sweet, curling guitar licks which are a nice addition to the track, simply to that on “Harmony Hall”. Koenig’s vocals, however, don’t have his classic sound. Thats not necessarily a bad thing though as it makes the track feel a bit different to their other work. Overall, its fairly psychedelic and to be honest, quite weird. It’s certainly one of the groups weirder outings and I wouldn’t say it’s as strong as the albums first single, but its good none the less.

This track is followed by “Big Blue” which seems to be in a similar vein to “2021” off of the first single. Its better than “2021” however, with these nice almost detuned, floaty guitar hooks and Koenig’s recognisable vocalism. Although its another short piece it still feels like a fully realised song which, is nice. Overall, it’s 2 more good tracks from their promising new album dropping on the 3rd of May. It will be the bands first album in 6 years, time sure does fly.

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