Indie artists to keep your eye on

I take a look at some new, up and coming independent artists to look out for


In this piece I’m going to take a look at 3 up and coming independent artists who are definitely worth your time (I will talk about each artist individually). The punk revival has seen many new bands enter the fray and one of the best new addition are Cassels. If you’re craving some new indie-pop/rock tunes in your life look no further than Pip Blom. If you are looking for some new, refreshing indie rock, with a punk twist in you’re life then Cheerbleederz have got you covered. Check them all out below:

Cassels – These brothers are a two-piece punk outfit from Oxford bringing poignant, brutally cathartic punk rock to new levels. It always astonished me the level of noise just two people are able to make. Already, for such a young group they level of playing and songwriting is great. Tracks like “Hating is easy” and “Where baseball was invented” feature these great crashing guitars and the gritty, raw production helps tremendously in their favour. It gives them that organic, punk aesthetic which really makes them stand out from a lot of the over-produced ‘safe’ indie rock we see a lot of nowadays. These, are certainly by no means safe and you can get that from their instrumentation alone. Their lyrics are brutally honest and this is seen in tracks like “War is a really clever metaphor for divorce”. I can’t wait to see them live later this year at Truck Festival to see how their raw, energetic music comes across in a live setting.

Pip Blom – These are a great little indie pop band from Amsterdam who will be playing a few festivals across the UK later this summer, including Truck Festival and Reading & Leeds. Cited as one of the best rising guitar bands of 2018, as well as, a frequented play on BBC Radio 6, its easy to see why they are one of indies biggest rising stars. Blending elements of energetic guitar rock with slightly punky vibes, it very much reminds of Dream Wife who released their debut album last year. Pip Blom are expecting to release their debut album on May 31st and I’m extremely excited to see how their debut stacks up to the singles they’ve released thus far. Their most recently released single, ‘Daddy Issues’, is a great little indie rock banger, with nice catchy guitar hooks a nice level of production on the track giving that nice organic feel, I continuously bang on about. These are definitely one to keep an eye on or watch if you happen to be at one of the festivals they are playing later this summer. Check out “Daddy Issues” below:

Cheerbleederz – There has been a great movement of female/female fronted bands in the indie scene in recent years, take Pip Blom from above as an example, as well as, the mentioned Dream Wife. Cheerbleederz are another excellent edition to that ever growing list of excellent female indie bands. Again carrying on this trend of punk infused indie rock, another big trend we are experiencing of recent. They released their debut EP last year entitled “Faceplant” and I have to say it is a really good first outing for the group and definitely worth a listen. Stand out tracks being “thinking of you” and “don’t hesitate” featuring really nice instrumentation with crashing punk guitar riffs infused with indie rock hooks, and again excellent production values. These are also playing Truck Festival in the summer and are definitely one to keep an eye on. Check out their debut EP on Spotify:

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