Tame Impala “Patience” Track Review

Tame Impala are finally back! It has been a long 4 years since Kevin Parker’s group from down under released their seminal 3rd album “Currents”, one that’s easily one of the best albums from 2015 and easily in my top 100 too. Since then Tame Impala have been mostly quiet, they released a collection of b-sides in 2017 which I though were pretty great and a collaborative track with ZHU in 2018 which I didn’t really care for. Kevin Parker himself has been pretty busy though producing and featuring on loads of albums such as Pond’s 2019 album “Tasmania”, which I didn’t review but thought it was an okay album. Having finally managed to see them live last year I’ve been waiting patiently for new tracks to drop. So how does “Patience” stack up?

This new outing from Tame Impala feels quite fresh, its fairly different from their other works as it features this nice disco vibe and beat that wouldn’t immediately alert you to the fact you’re listening to a Tame Impala track. When Kevins, now iconic, vocals kick in its obvious who you are listening too, vocally it still very much sounds like their other songs, but thats no bad thing. Parker’s vocal work is what give their tracks that psychedelic, spacey feel which is great. The hooks aren’t quite as catchy or memorable as say “The Less I know the Better” which had an incredibly groovy baseline. However, it’s good that the group seem to be experimenting with new sounds, going in this more disco, dancey direction which avoids retreading old ground . Its a nice psychedelic, disco banger with a great summery vibe. It’s Tame Impala’s most 70s sounding track yet it still has a great modern feel. I look forward to hearing it played live whenever they tour the UK again.

The band will be releasing their 4th studio album later this year. Check out “Patience” here.

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