MusicMuted: Why You Should Listen to Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is, right now, the most important hip-hop artist in the industry (in my opinion).

The Florida rapper has been making waves in the industry for some time now, but with his release of ‘TA13OO’, he has been skyrocketed to new heights in the hip-hop world.

Curry already had quite widespread commercial success with his single ‘Ultimate’. This was used across the internet and was used as a ‘hype-song’ for almost any event for about 6 months after its 2015 release. It became a soundtrack to the later part of the summer of 2015, with its heavy hitting opening that carries on throughout the entire song. Although, to some, it may have seemed that Curry’s success would be short-lived, he proved that that was not the case less than a year later.

In March 2016, Curry released ‘Imperial’. This album continued his style of hard and fast rap that packs a huge punch. Opening with ‘ULT’, a song that is almost equal to ‘Ultimate’ in the sense of delivery and sound, but the album only gets better from that point on (with a couple of small dips). ‘Gook’ is probably the first of two dips in the album, with Curry not quite following up on the intense nature of ‘ULT’, meaning the album loses a bit of traction right from the second track. But this traction is regained through the next three songs, ‘Sick & Tired’, ‘Knotty Head’ and ‘Me Now’. These three are standout tracks from the album and really add to Curry’s repertoire of ‘bangers’. These three are joined by ‘Zenith’ and ‘Good Night’ in that category, which are probably the best songs on the album and deserve a listen.

With ‘Imperial’ being, originally, a soundcloud album, it is very impressive how much it blew up and kick-started Curry’s long-term success.

In July 2018, Curry released his next album, ‘TA13OO’. ‘TA13OO’ is an album that says so much whilst keeping you listening from start to finish. I cannot stop listening to this album. From the more rhythmic and almost soulful sounds of ‘Act I: Light’, to the beginnings of personal collapse of ‘Act II: Gray’, finishing with the fully-fledged embrace of internal destruction in ‘Act III: Dark’.

Even though the album is split into three separate acts, listening to it in its full length is essential. This is due to the distinct changes between each act making the album so impressive to listen to all the way through. If you look at the first track, ‘TA13OO’, despite it being on the ‘Light’ act of this record, it has extremely dark undertones, and real sets the scene for what you will be experiencing for the rest of the album. This darkness in the ‘Light’ is showing that Curry is struggling so severely with his personal issues and struggle, that even the lightest of times cannot escape the darkness that creeps in.

In complete contrast, ’13 M T’ is showing Curry succumbing to the demons that haunt him and letting everything go in what can be described as the heaviest track on the record. This, however, makes it my favorite track as it closes the album so well, and the repetition of ‘finish ’em ‘Zel’ makes it all the more impressive that he tells him self to ‘finish ’em’, and absolutely delivers in doing so.

‘CLOUT CO13A1N’ is obviously the most commercially popular song, and I understand why. It is catchy and has lyrics that relate to a lot of people. Lyrics such as ‘Watch these hoes when they say they want a lot of me, I don’t know who’s the one that wanna plot on me’ show both Curry’s struggles with his rise in fame, and his issues with trust after a troubled background. But as a song, there are better on this album. Songs like ’13 M T’, ‘ZW1TCH 1T UP’ and ‘THE 13LACKEZT 13ALLOON’ are lyrically better and hit harder beat-wise and are more though provoking.

As an album, this is THE highlight of Curry’s career, and a personal all-time highlight for me in terms of music.

This article, however, is not about reviewing Denzel Curry’s albums. It is informing you that it is imperative to listen to him if you are in any way interested in Hip-Hop music. He is a must listen to and a must watch for the future.

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