OutKast’s best tracks go head to head in the bracket

Here we are, the last March Madness of 2019. I was kind of hoping to do more, but, you can’t always get what you want. Out of all the ones I was planning to do, I decided to go out with a bang. OutKast are probably one of my favourite hip hip groups of all time, I really mean that. Out of Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest I consider these the best. That’s no slight against the other groups. I just don’t think they were quite as influential as OutKast were or produced as consistently good albums as they did (apart from Idlewild, we can ignore that though). No other group has managed to blend and find the right balance between rap and pop music. They really pushed the boundaries of the genre and went from making complete hip hop bangers like ‘Atliens’ to full blown pop tracks like ‘Hey Ya’. Each album being unique and experimenting with what the genre could be, Andre and Big Boi were pioneers. Their influence has echoed through the genre and can be heard in Anderson .Paak and even Kendrick Lamar. If it wasn’t for the funk, jazz infused ‘Speakerboxx’ we perhaps wouldn’t have TPAB. It sounds like a stretch but the infusion of sounds heard on TPAB sound heavily influenced by OutKast’s work. Thats no bad thing, it really just hits home how incredibly important they were and how they helped pave the way for todays modern experimental hip-hop artists.

Luckily for me this bracket was much easier than Kanye’s from last week, that’s not because their songs are worse. It’s just the seed placements for the bracket were much better making for an easier initial round. After a lot of thought, ‘Roses’ edged out on top for my favourite track. It’s an excellent infusion of pop and hip hop with Andre’s singing section being humorous with excellent lyrics and instrumentation to Big Boi’s rap verse. Really though I just have a lot of nostalgia for this track being the first OutKast track I was exposed to when I was only very young, my brothers would have the music video on repeat or whenever it was on MTV. It’s incredible the feelings of nostalgia a song can evoke and thats why it grabbed the top spot on this last March Madness. Check out the full bracket below:

And there you have it, the last March Madness of 2019. If you want to make your own brackets as always they can be found on Reddit. Check out Roses played live below or the music video here.

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