Music Video Monday: Mac Demarco, The XX and Young Fathers

Pt. 3: I take a look at some more of favourite music videos

Happy Monday. It has been 2 weeks since the last segment of Music Video Monday, which means I did not successfully achieve releasing a new segment every Monday. Oh well, I didn’t make any promises. That does mean however I’m terrible at keeping to schedules, but, I am a busy man and Radiohead are still the objectively best band (the last time I checked anyway). The last segment had a bit of a running theme which was ‘simplicity’ where I looked at music videos, that as it suggests, kept it relatively simple. As I said simple videos can still absolutely be have meaning and are great accompaniment’s to their respective songs. Whilst they still have meaning they don’t really go any further to add a deeper level of meaning like the music video’s in week 1 did. In this weeks segment there isn’t really a running theme. I just picked out some more music video’s that I like and deserve some appreciation. As the title would have foretold this week I’m going to be discussing Mac Demarco, The XX and Young Fathers, check it all out down below:

MAC DEMARCO ‘MY KIND OF WOMAN’ – This is the track that saw Mac go more dreamy after the low key swag of his debut “Rock and Roll Night Club” and features on my favourite Mac album the creatively titled “2”. The accompanying music video here matches the tracks dreamy style, but, is more visually intense as we find Mac in drag as he is slowly made up then stripped down and man-handled as the video progresses. It in itself feels like some weird dream which matches the tracks mellow, dream like instrumentation and lyricism. Seeing Mac in drag with his big gappy teeth adds a nice touch of humour and playfulness that we’ve come to expect from him. It’s visually appealing too, with a nice mix of vibrant colours that help add to the videos playful feel. It’s a bit of a strange one as the stripping down and man handling of Mac feels uncomfortable, but, its contrasted with this playful vibe that makes it feel almost easier to watch. It’s a good one.

THE XX ‘SAY SOMETHING LOVING’ – I don’t really have much to say about this video apart from the fact it’s fucking beautiful to look at. The dreamy style of filming and some excellent cinematography make for this visually appealing piece of film. It’s a perfect accompaniment for this lovely track. As always Jamie XX instrumentation and production is masterful. It’s an uplifting track and it’s all about the feelings you first get after falling in love and that same sense of euphoria is captured in this music video as we see relationships of all types, it’s also a celebration of the groups hometown of south-west London. It’s absolutely oozing with style, lovely stuff.

YOUNG FATHERS ‘SHAME’ – “Nothing but a bare faced lie, is all you cunts can hold onto” opens this heavy hitting alternative hip hop song from the Mercury Prize winning Scottish group. We follow a thug trawling through the industrial wasteland. It’s a fairly simple premise, one that could have probably made my last segment which focused on ‘simplicity’. The video reflects the euphoric senses of violence and aggression displayed in the songs lyricism and delivery. The video is not only great to look it with some excellent shots it’s also helped tremendously by the lead actor Josh Hubbard. The video play’s with people’s perceptions, initially all we see is an aggressive thug, one you’d probably avoid in the streets. Yet when we reach the videos climax that perception is stripped when he begins dancing, it’s aggressive, yet, it’s beautiful as the same time. It’s a stark contrast to what we’ve seen throughout the rest of the video which was doused with undertones of violence. It made for quite a nice play on the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” schtick. It’s an incredibly powerful music video for an incredibly powerful song.

And that’s all she wrote. I might try and do another next Monday depending on whether I have the willpower. If you haven’t read the previous two you can catch them here: Part One and Part Two. Cheers x

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