Releases to Look Forward to – April 2019

Some of the best upcoming releases due out in April, keep your ears peeled

In this segment I take a look at some upcoming albums releasing in the next month or so that I’m excited for, along with a few honourable mentions at the end of the article. Enjoy and mark the dates in yo calendars.

ANDERSON .PAAK – VENTURA: Brandon Paak Anderson has been a busy man of recent. It was only just at the end of last year that he released Oxnard, whilst not quite as good as his last outing it was still an incredible hip hop album. Featuring some excellent tracks, as well as, some stellar features from the likes of Kendrick Lamar on ‘Tints’ and Pusha T on ‘Brother’s Keeper’. With him only recently dropping the single ‘King James’ to give a taste of what’s to come, its clear we are in for a treat. Keeping his jazz-funk infused sound of albums past, along with his excellent lyricism. This is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially for hip hop looking for something a bit different. The album will drop on April 26th in the UK.

CAGE THE ELEPHANT – SOCIAL CUES – The alternative rock outfit from Kentucky will be making their triumphant return this April, it’s been nearly 4 years since their last release and one I’ve been eagerly anticipating. I’ve been a big fan of Cage the Elephant for a good while now, ever since I heard ‘Ain’t no rest for the wicked’ on the opening of Borderlands way back in 2009. The singles released thus far have been quite excellent too, “Ready to let go” is a nice indie rock banger, ‘House of Glass’ is a bit more out there with some peculiar vocals and more experimental instrumentation, its a great track. Their latest single has a feature from Beck which is quite nice too, although I’m not a particularly big Beck fan anymore, its a decent enough track, but, not quite as good as the previous two. However, I look forward to hearing it within the context of the album, this one will be releasing on April 19th.

KING GIZZARD & THE WIZARD LIZARD – FISHING FOR FISHIES – The psychedelic rock group from Australia will be dropping their brand new LP on the 26th April 2019 two years after their outstanding 2017 run where they dropped 5 albums in the space of a year, all of the same excellent quality and finish, which is quite remarkable. This one is sure to be another excellent release from the group with singles like ‘Cyboogie’, which has them going a bit more electronic in sound whilst maintaining their psychedelic flair. The track features really bouncy instrumentation and wacky, spacey lyrics we’ve become accustomed too. Other singles include ‘Boogieman Sam’ and ‘Fishing for Fishes’. This is certainly one to keep an ear out for.

LOYLE CARNER – NOT WAVING, BUT DROWNING – The Mercury Prize winner will making his return on April 19th after 2017s ‘Yesterday’s Gone’. He gained lots of buzz very quickly when he popped on the scene and its easy to see why. Known for his hard hitting lyrics and tunes. This new album sees features from Jorja Smith on the the track ‘Loose Ends’, which is the best track released thus far. It’s an emotional track, made all the better by Jorja Smith’s feature, she is truly a force to be reckoned with. Other singles include ‘You Don’t Know’ and ‘Ottolenghi’ which both feature some really nice production, his unique brand of ‘confessional hip-hop’ make for some really great listens. Definitely give this a try when its released around mid April.

Now I’ll discuss a few honourable mentions, or albums that will be releasing that I’m not too bothered by. Catfish & The Bottlemen will be releasing their new album on April 26th, I haven’t really cared much for the group since their first and best album and don’t really care for the singles released thus far either, bland. But I’ll give it a try (I guess). Circa Waves will also be releasing a new album come April 5th, this one I’m a bit more excited for than Catfish although I didn’t particularly care for Circa’s 2nd album. This one thankfully feels a bit closer, sonically, to their first record (which is a good thing). The single ‘Movies’ is quite a nice summery, indie track and ‘Times won’t change me’ is good too. Definitely, more excited for this than their last outing. To be honest though, that’s really it for April. May is definitely where things get more exciting with a few heavy hitters on their way, keep an eye out for the May 2019 releases update toward the end of the next month. Cheers.

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