The big Gorillaz weekender continues…

Well that didn’t last long. Last week I said the OutKast bracket would be the last one of the year, I lied. I did honestly intend to make it the last one and reserve the Madness brackets for the March Madness period, but I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to write a couple of pieces dedicated to one of my favourite musical projects of all time and what better way to do that than by pitting their best tracks against each other in the madness bracket. Yesterday, I wrote a piece ranking their albums from worst to best and if you happened to miss that you can find it here.

This was another incredibly difficult bracket for me, considering I like nearly every track at the initial stage. Clint Eastwood, however, was a clear winner from the first group being one of their best tracks, although, Rhinestone Eyes could have well taken the top spot too. The second group was much harder than the first, with the incredible Dare being pitted against underrated gems such as Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head and the Plastic beach banger Stylo. Despite this Dare managed to come out on top simply because I’ll never get enough of Shaun Ryder feature. The next section had Feel Good Inc, which was unfortunate news for the other songs in that category as it was a clear winner and predictable that may be. Dirty Harry and M1 A1 are definite stand outs from this category though, shame they were pitted against such a strong contender. The last section featured my personal favourite Gorillaz track “On Melancholy Hill” so again there wasn’t much competition there although the songs pitted against it were all very good. Saturnz Barz and Andromeda being the best tracks on 2017’s Humanz and the understated banger Punk. Check out the full bracket below:

There you have it, my favourite Gorillaz track although I did briefly allude to this in my album ranking. Whilst, it probably isn’t their best track per se, it just happens to be my personal favourite. The only problem with brackets though is that a lot of great tracks seem to be ignored if they are pitted against something slightly better, as was the case with this bracket and many others of the same ilk. Moving forward Madness brackets won’t be exclusively done in March and truthfully, there’ll be many more to come! Thanks x

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