Tyler, The Creator Returns

Dropping a brand new album next week!

After dropping a few hints and teases on his Youtube and Instagram, we finally got confirmation the other day that California born Tyler Okonma aka Tyler, The Creator will be dropping a brand new LP. This will be the follow up to the excellent Scum Fuck Flower Boy, which topped my favourite albums of 2017 list. Whilst his earlier projects like Goblin and Wolf were good and had some pretty standout tracks on them, they weren’t quite as polished as 2017s Flower Boy, which I easily consider to be Tyler’s best work to date. It’s chilled, laid back and features some incredibly slick production work from Tyler himself that really brings the album together as a complete package. It also has some excellent features from none other than Rex Orange County, Kali Uchis and Frank Ocean. He followed up Flower Boy with the ‘off-cut’ single Okra, which is easily one of my favourite tracks of his. Heres hoping that his next album titled “Igor” will be as excellent as Flower Boy, although I have no doubt in my mind it won’t be. Tyler as an artist has really seemed to come into his own recently and it seems there are no signs of slowing down. Igor is expected to drop on 17th May 2019 i.e. next Friday.

Heres to hoping that his UK travel ban will be over soon, so all of us over in the UK can finally get the chance to see him. Yeah, fuck you Theresa May. He has also just announced another addition of Camp Flog Gnaw, whilst the lineup is yet to be announced there’s no doubt it will be as good as last year which featured one of the only performances from Kanye and Kid Cudi’s side project “Kids See Ghosts”.

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