Best Albums of the Year so Far


We are now passed this years halfway mark and after a brief hiatus I have decided to start writing again and what a better way to start off than by looking at some of my favourite albums of the year so far. Already this year has been jam packed with excellent releases from follow up … Continue reading Best Albums of the Year so Far

J Cole – Worst to Best


For some strange reason, J Cole is hated by many music fans across the hip-hop genre. Despite this, he is one of my favourite artists in this genre, not just now, but of all time. And here I am going to rank his discography and show you how great of an artist he is. 5. … Continue reading J Cole – Worst to Best

MusicMuted: Why You Should Listen to Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is, right now, the most important hip-hop artist in the industry (in my opinion). The Florida rapper has been making waves in the industry for some time now, but with his release of 'TA13OO', he has been skyrocketed to new heights in the hip-hop world. Curry already had quite widespread commercial success with … Continue reading MusicMuted: Why You Should Listen to Denzel Curry

MusicMuted: Kanye West – Worst to Best

A look at Ye's entire discography If you were to listen to Kanye West’s Discography, you would experience a progressive change in style, saturated with genre defining lyrics, producing and sound. But is it all good? 8. 808’s & Heartbreaks To start off with the worst of Kanye’s eight solo projects, ‘808’s & Heartbreaks’.  This … Continue reading MusicMuted: Kanye West – Worst to Best

Untitled Unmastered. Kendrick’s overlooked masterpiece

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar's Untitled Unmastered turned 3. Most people wouldn't have known that as it wasn't really posted anywhere. Fair enough, 3 years isn't a particularly momentous milestone, but its a small milestone none the less. When people talk about Kendrick's discography the focus is always on the big three; Good Kid, To Pimp a … Continue reading Untitled Unmastered. Kendrick’s overlooked masterpiece